A Burial Cave


Enterance to the burial cave.
The entrance staircase.
One of the three burial troughs.
One of the three burial troughs.

Virtual Tour

You can take a virtual tour of this facility in two ways.

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If you have a VR viewer such as Google Cardboard and a smartphone, you can experience each discovery in stereoscopic virtual reality. When you see a round icon, you can view it for two seconds before being taken directly to another location.


A rock-hewn burial cave, measuring 7.5 × 10.5 feet, was discovered north of the Byzantine church, containing three burial troughs and entered by means of a stepped passageway. Four crosses were etched into the wall above the troughs. The cave's dating was determined by the 26 Early Islamic oil lamps, intact glass bottle, and fragments of other glass vessels that it contained. Vandals apparently broke into the tomb sometime during the Mamluk period (13th–16th century A.D.), threw the contents of each burial trough into the center of the chamber, and left behind a typical juglet of the time period.