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Beit Lehi: An Archaeological Discovery in Israel’s Judean Lowlands is an authoritative introduction to an active archeological site located southwest of Jerusalem. Unknown to all but a handful of dedicated archaeologists, university participants, generous sponsors, and adventurous travelers allowed on site, this remarkable site has become known as ‘The Lost City of Ancient Israel.’

This wonderfully crafted interactive guide by the Beit Lehi Foundation allows readers to explore a selection of the significant locations above and hidden under layers of ancient limestone. This unique interactive experience uncovers the beauty of rare artifacts, stunning underground structures, and a distinctly unknown history of ancient settlements lost to time. Explore unique content such as:

  • An in-depth video overview of the site with a concise history of the discovery and reasons for ongoing excavations
  • Interactive Virtual Reality 360° views of various underground locations that showcase impressive structures that are considered the crown jewels of the site
  • Interactive Virtual Objects of never before seen artifacts recovered from excavations
  • An original Israel Exploration Journal article published in 1963 revealing the significance of the Jerusalem Cave discovery
  • Photos and commentary from past excavations that conveys a unique flavor to archeological undertakings on the site
  • Recent hi-resolution images of discoveries that highlight the importance of continued exploration of the immediate area now recognized as a Regional Project by the Israel Antiquity Authority (IAA)
  • Explore immersive content through easy-to-use touch gestures of swipe and tap on iPad devices to reveal information in a refreshingly immersive experience

The Beit Lehi guide represents a unique undertaking by volunteers and supporters to bring this yet-unknown, but a highly significant archaeological site to life, to interested readers and adventurers alike. This single edition publication represents the best of interactive digital media experiences on the market today; a magazine-like experience produced completely by volunteers and students. While concise, this publication represents a purposeful invitation to explore Beit Lehi as the story of the site begins to unfold. It is the first of many digital products to come!

Your valued purchase of this guide will be received as a donation and provide support for a variety of Beit Lehi project activities including on-going excavations and equipment purchases, student travel and associated activities, as well as the development of future media products and services of the Beit Lehi Foundation and supporting partnerships. Even more, all proceeds are tax deductible.

Beit Lehi Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Utah exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Foundation are deductible under section 170 of the Code. For more information please visit the policy link located on this store page or

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In partnership with Utah Valley University, Hebrew University, Israel Antiquity Authority (IAA).

Israel Exploration Journal article (Volume 13, Number 2) published by permission.

Lidar surveys of the Beit Lehi site conducted by the Engineering Design Technology Department at Utah Valley University.

Development of the Beit Lehi: An Archaeological Discovery in Israel’s Judean Lowlands was produced by Digital Media students in the Interaction Design & Development program at Utah Valley University.

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